Talya Bilisim is a technology firm that has been in the software sector for more than 26 years, has offices in 3 regions, 38 branches throughout Turkey, finds solutions to for the biggest public institutions, whose software is being actively used by more than 4000 facilities, that exports created software abroad.

Our goal is to enable our users to track financial, operational and the administrative process, making right decisions in a short time span and to offer complete control.

The Elektra Hotel Management System consists of 28 separate modules which can be integrated to all departments regardless of size. It is the most comprehensive hotel software there is. The software can be altered according to the hotel’s need. The Customer Service is operational 24/7. With over 4000 facility using it as of 2020. Elektra has become Turkey’s most popular hotel
automation program and has become the leader in its respective market.



– Possible to adapt to every business thanks to its flexible structure.
– Relevant modules are integrated. Due to this repeated data input is removed, saving time and labour.
– It is easy to learn and practical to use. Most functions can be done using only the keyboard, the use of a mouse is greatly decreased.
– The reporting system is very advanced. It can create forms in and number and preferred format (excel, on paper.
– Our expert staff which consists of 75 people is open to serve you at any time.
– We constantly watch the requests of the sectors being dealt in and constantly updating accordingly.