Web Based
Thanks to its web based system it can be reached from anywhere. Sales teams can connect and upload contracts, view vacant flat and period information at any time. Uploading contracts and printing deeds can easily be done out of office.


Elektra Is Compatible With Hotel Programs

It is very simple to transfer reservations, monthly dues after the establishment has been opened. You can easily track different uses and rent procedures from both systems with ease.


Works Well With Online Sales Channels Such As Expedia, Booking

With the online reservation module you can put your rooms up for sale using Expedia or Booking and receive reservations through your website.


100% Accounting Integrated

You can instantly integrate your deeds and checks to the accounting unit, track payments, transfer term contract payments to the payment plan. You can easily create invoices for contracts.


Calculating Flexible Premiums and Commission

Easily calculate sales team premiums from contracts. Distribute to your teams as you want by defining the flexible premium categories.


Different Web Interfaces for Customers, Branches, Sales Representatives
You can open an interface for customers to track their payments and contracts and an interface for sales representatives to track their own contracts and customers.


Customer CRM and Sales Tracking
You can track sales meetings, information such as people, subjects, meeting situation and the date of the next meeting in order to control sales work. With the CRM screen you can track all meetings and processes that involve your clients.