Hotels using the Elektra Online Reservation Module receives reservations through their own website, inquiries availability instantly through the front office, reserves the appropriate room and confirms the guest.

The Elektra Online Reservation System make sales both PROFITABLE and EASY.

 You Can Increase Sales With An Easy and Practical Interface

You can reach all reservation related data from a single page, complete reservations with a single key while viewing availability and pricing for all room types.

Being able to view daily availability and pricing makes the need to check other pages such as availability calendars or price lists redundant.

You Will Have the Same Design as Your Website

It provides a reservation page designed similar to the hotels corporate colours and website. Thanks to this visitors won’t feel like they have been redirected to another website for their reservation.

Invest In Your Own Brand and CRM System

The online reservation page creates awareness for you hotel on the internet, increases the hotels brand equity and creates a CRM database. This information would not have to be shared with another agency or rival.

Guaranteed Sale and Receiving Online Payment

Online collection can be made by credit card at the moment of reservation or after checking the card details the payment is transferred to the hotel.

No Middleman, No Commission

With the Online Reservation Module sell directly to your customers and don’t pay commission. Also receive payment directly and in cash from your customers.

Virtual POS Integration

You can either use your own virtual POS or our virtual POS. Our virtual POS has agreements with all banks and provides you with the opportunity to make instalment sales with attractive commission rates.