Always Be a Step Ahead with Elektra OPEX, Web Based Operation Management System


With the Elektra OPEX Technical Service and Device Care Management;

– Save Devices

– Designate Periodic Maintenance

– Track Service Contracts

– Manage Malfunctions

Elektra OPEX Device List

Save the devices you’re responsible for and keep their information at hand


 Create a Device List
– Add Device Pictures to Their Cards
– Upload User Manuals and Maintenance Instructions on to the System
– Check Service Contracts and Guarantee  Expiry Dates

You can view device properties, previous malfunctions, previous maintenance, parts changed with the Device Card instantly.

Elektra OPEX Device Barcode, QR Code
– Tag Your Devices with barcodes or QR codes
– The Elektra OPEX mobile application displays the devices last malfunction, calibration values, maintenance and service information
– Also learns which employee the device has been registered to and where it belongs.


Technical Service Progress Monitoring
Track all malfunctions, maintenance and service processes from a single screen.


Elektra OPEX Mobile Application

Track all malfunctions, maintenance and service processes from the mobile application.
– Watch malfunctions, work maintenance and service notifications from your smart phone or tablet.
– Input a new malfunction directly from the mobile application.
-Notify that you have completer the service or that you have started.


Elektra OPEX Reports

Would You Like To Learn The Answers To These Questions Straight Away?

– What is the reason we receive most our complaints?
– What processes do we spend time on?
– During which periods do complaints increase?
– Which devices malfunction regularly? Why?
– Which fields constantly report malfunctions?
– Which departments’ work/time performance is high?
– Which process do we complete on time?