“Guest Loyalty” is directly proportional to the communication between the brand and the guest as much as it is to the quality


According to the statistics the accommodation companies that were able to build a “continuous guest” demographic, save approximately %30 from their marketing budgets which they spend for attracting new guests and taking reservation.


Elektra Loyalty Management Module, is based on the willingness of your guests. To the guests shared their real contact information and became a member of our system;

– Can organize campaigns

– Enable them to gain exclusive points and use them

– Can learn how much each member spent

– Examine which campaign was liked the most from reports



Kaya Hotels is actively using Loyalty Management Module at its 13 different concept hotels.For the guests who are member of Kaya Club Card they arrange campaigns and offer advantageous reservation opportunities through a portal which they can login with a username and password, they also inform them about which services they can receive for free by their earned points.With the reporting system provided by the system, the feedback from the campaigns can be assessed and the new ones can be easly planned.