If you are involved in raw materials, semi-manufactured, good you would probablylike to know why you bought a material, the cost of a serving of food or which materials could cause shrinkage.


With Elektra’s detailed stock, product and recipe definitions you can ensure faultless production and sales with practical identity definitions during to stock, commissioning, production and sales phases.


Elektra offers a simple yet detailed data management to enable efficient management. 20 different companies send at least 100 different materials to your 5 warehouses. Were they sent in sack, by ship? Package prices were written on the invoice. Some of the delivery was sent to production without going to the warehouse, will there be missing stock?

Elektra can execute what you would call an endless amount of warehouse processes on a single screen. With mobile terminals warehouse entries that would normally take hours can be finished in a few minutes.


Information designated on stock cards from the stock cards screen (stock codes, groups,main groups,VAT, units, purchasing prices, etc.) can be defined on the main screen according to the users request.


Process type, warehouse entry, vendor name, invoice date, due date, materials type and unit, row discounts-total invoice discount, percent discount -sum discount, shipping charge, with employees accepted the delivery and when and many more statistics that you can use for analysis is saved on the warehouse bill and the input of this information can be realised fast thanks to practical definitions.



The products can work integrated with the hotel or restaurants POSprogram. Products sold with this integration is automatically docked from stock with the values written on the receipt.